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Scottish Medical Appraisers Conference 2023


Scottish Medical Appraisers Conference 2023

The Annual Scottish Medical Appraisers conference was held this year on 13th September and consisted of a full day workshops and presentations that were all delivered online via Microsoft Teams. A total of two hundred and fifty-seven people registered for the conference with the Medical Appraisal team managing breakout sessions and the recording of the conference throughout. The aim of the day was to deliver an event that the covered different topics relating to Medical Appraisal, such as “Modernising the PSQ,” “The art of a Form 4” and the GMC presented an update to the Good Medical Practice 2024. We also ran sessions exploring EDI impact on appraisals, looking at “A neurodiversity affirming approach to appraisal,” “Cultural competence within appraisals” and “Active bystander/unconscious bias.” 

The conference received positive feedback with many of the attendees stating that they very much enjoyed the sessions and that the online event ran well, with one attendee stating

“Huge thank you to the IT support team! You were absolutely fantastic. I don't think I have ever before attended a conference this size where things worked so well.”

and another stating 

“Although this was an online conference, I enjoyed the programme. I think the discussion groups broke up the day and the afternoon sessions were particularly good.”

To access the conference video recordings, please visit the Medical Appraisal Scotland website

Scottish Medical Appraisers Conference 2023