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Professor Emma Watson
Executive Medical Director, NES

Welcome to this December edition of your Deanery newsletter.

It has been a very busy couple of months since our last edition. For those of you who have submitted applications for core or higher speciality training for next year I would like you to take a moment and reflect on all that you have achieved and celebrate.

To those of you who have decided to press pause, and take stock of your options, know that all of us in the Scotland deanery are here to support you in whatever pathway you chose. It is essential I give thanks to all GPs, consultants and senior doctors in educator roles who will be committing time to the selection process in the new year – thank you! Midwinter is upon us and the recent drop in temperature, whilst creating beautiful scenery, can also make getting outside and tending to our own wellbeing a challenge. I encourage you to wrap up warm and get outside – it will be worth it.

The dark nights in Scotland can also take their toll, particularly when the night starts at 4pm! There are resources that you might find useful to browse:

This time of the year can add another element of challenge for us, especially when it’s the ‘festive’ season, we all have preferences and remember it is ok to exercise yours. 

This month I am drawing your attention to The Trainee Development and Wellbeing Service which has been running for over a year now and is proving a success.

The included article explains that the service aims to offer a holistic, accessible, and equitable service which empowers all doctors in Scotland to achieve their full potential.

All doctors on a training or SAS contract can access the elements of this service that meets their needs.

Next, we have details on the WeCaRE (Wellbeing, Conditions and Rota Evaluation) Framework which is a practical process designed to improve the working conditions for doctors within NHS Scotland. It presents a structured process to meaningfully enhance the quality of training environments. Please have a look – it may help you.

The dates of the next NES Conference are confirmed. This amazing event will again be virtual on 25 - 26 April 2024. The event is free to everyone in NHS Scotland and can be enjoyed from your home or workplace. The theme for the conference is Developing a Compassionate, Skilled and Sustainable Workforce Through Innovative Education and Technology.

We are now inviting submissions for 1-hour seminars. Submissions are welcome from across the NHS, integration authorities, voluntary and partner organisations, and other public or private sector organisations. We are also looking for a broad range of abstract submissions and there are more details in the article.  

I am delighted to share that the educational resource, GatewayC, will be launched in Scotland in early 2024. Whilst it is aimed mainly at Primary Care it will be available to all and provides innovative tailored information, guidance and support to aid early cancer detection. This is an excellent resource and the information provided explains more.

A huge thank you to all of our educators, the time and focus you provide to those doctors who are training in your areas is greatly appreciated. As part of ensuring we keep you up to date with challenges and changes The Medical Directorate has recently set up a new series of meetings for the next year that everyone is invited to attend so, if possible, please take part.

We have a roundup of the Medical Appraisal Annual Conference which took place earlier this year. This consisted of a full day of workshops and presentations that were all delivered online via Microsoft Teams. A total of two hundred and fifty-seven people registered with great feedback received.

Lastly, we have a new series of events from the medical careers team inviting you to webinars aimed at helping both trainees and trainers plan their Careers and support their professional development.

The cold weather is here, it is dark, and it is busy, there will be multiple demands on you, but please take the time, to rest and recharge over the next few weeks. Remember no healthcare without self-care.

If you have work you would like to highlight in this newsletter, contact Scotland Deanery.

Professor Emma Watson
Executive Medical Director, NHS Education for Scotland 

Professor Emma Watson
Executive Medical Director, NES