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Update on Simulation Training for Medical Trainees


Update on Simulation Training for Medical Trainees

The medical simulation team has continued to grow with the recruitment of an additional 11  APGD simulation leads who will be leading on the introduction of national specialty specific simulation teaching programmes covering 16 specialties. These simulation programmes will aim to support the development of trainees by incorporating both technical and non-technical skills.

The Simulation APGDs form part of the NES Medicine Simulation Collaborative to develop specialty specific simulation strategies with the aim to launch these by August 2023.


Established simulation training programmes:

  • Internal Medicine Training (IMT) – Dr Vicky Tallentire

Incorporating a 3-day Bootcamp for IMT1s as well as a Skills Day for IMT2s and a 2-day Registrar Ready course for IMT3s. Find out more at:


  • Core Surgical Training (CST) – Mr Ken Walker

CT1s have access to a 4-day simulation rich Bootcamp as well as a range of Skills courses throughout CT1 and CT2 training. Monthly Training Days are run across Scotland with a range of face-to-face and virtual training. Trainees are provided with take-home laparoscopy and vascular simulation kits as well as vascular simulation kits. Find out more at:


  • Higher Surgical Training in General Surgery – Mr Brian Stewart

ST3s are invited to attend a 2-day Bootcamp as well as an advanced 2-day cadaveric workshop focussing on advanced skills in GI surgery. Further courses are currently under development. Find out more at:


  • Core Psychiatry Training – Dr Neera Gajree

A Psychiatric Emergency Simulation course has been developed for CT1s which provides the opportunity to develop the technical and non-technical skills required in managing acute psychiatric presentations. Further courses for CT2s and CT3s are currently under development. Find out more at:


Simulation training programmes currently under development:

  • Foundation – Dr Jemma Pringle
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology – Dr Sarah Barr
  • Paediatrics – Dr Kathleen Collins
  • Diagnostics – Dr Shilpi Pal
  • Anaesthetics – Dr Edward Mellanby
  • Emergency Medicine – Dr Laura McGregor
  • Intensive Care Medicine & Acute Care Common Stem – Dr Thalia Monro-Somerville
  • Trauma & Orthopaedics and Plastic Surgery – Mr Donald Hansom
  • Neurosurgery and ENT – Mr Saleh Okhovat
  • Paediatric Surgery and Urology – Dr Thushitha Kunanandam
  • Ophthalmology and OMFS – Mr Peter Wilson
  • Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery – Mr Bryce Renwick

Find out more about simulation training in Scotland Deanery at:


IMT Bootcamp

Surgical trainees developing their laparoscopic skills with the take-home laparoscopic simulation kits

Update on Simulation Training for Medical Trainees