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Measuring and monitoring performance


To enable us to deliver our strategic priorities, it is important that we operate as a high-performing public body.

This means being able to demonstrate that our work contributes to the Scottish Government’s National Performance Framework and budget priorities, that we are efficient and provide value for money, and that we comply with the legal obligations that govern our ways of working and ensure accountability.

We will work in sustainable ways that promote fairness, efficient use of resources, and risk management. We will measure our progress and impact using key performance indicators and report publicly on it. We will ensure this is done through a strong governance model.

We will test our progress by asking the following questions on an iterative basis:

How well do we support our Staff?

  • Employee satisfaction
  • Staff wellbeing
  • Employee diversity and inclusion

How well do we support our learners/trainees?

  • Learner scale and reach
  • Learner experience
  • Attraction, reach and accessibility
  • Educating the health and social care workforce in delivering sustainable integrated care and protecting the environment.

How well do we meet the needs of our partners?

  • Utilisation of NES workforce data and developing digital skills
  • Stakeholder satisfaction
  • Involvement of our staff, partners and people with lived/living experience
  • Education, research and strategic collaborations
  • Supporting young people to be better prepared for the world of work and developing local employment opportunities.
  • Delivery of Credit rated programmes.

How well do we perform as an organisation?

  • Financial performance
  • Efficiency, value and continuous corporate improvement
  • Climate sustainability and achieving Net Zero by 2040
  • Delivery performance
  • Feedback (compliments, complaints, concerns, whistleblowing)